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Last night I was invited out to attend a tasting at the Baltimore Crab and Seafood Restaurant and Bar located at 1075 Fairburn Road S.W., Atlanta GA GA 30331. The event was hosted by owner, Dishema Fulton, who is also the owner of Pearl Restaurant & Lounge, located at 253 Peters Street, Atlanta GA 30313. Fulton’s latest venture was a quaint yet vibrant restaurant full of ambiance. The night started off with specialty Ciroc based drinks, homestyle seafood dishes and a sweet dessert. There were many great items passed around for tasting and I was quite impressed with a few of them. The mac and cheese, for one, was as homemade as can get- worth the drive. The seafood salad was delicious and the crab balls were addictive! The salmon and the lightly battered tilapia were amazing. The new location opens to the public this Friday so make sure to check it out! They are open for lunch as well!

Baltimore Crab & Seafood Restaurant & Bar in Atlanta!

November 19th, 2012
Owner Dishema Fulton and I
Let me tell you guys about a wonderful person and restaurant that you must try if you live here in Atlanta,Ga or if you plan on visiting here in the near future. You have to try Baltimore Crab & Seafood Restaurant & Bar! Owner Dishema Fulton and I go way back. To celebrate my 1 year anniversary of my talk show back in 2006, Dishema sponsored my party at her restaurantPearls Restaurant and Lounge located on Peters Street. We had a great time and everyone loved the food! She has another restaurant in her hometown of Philly as well. We have been buddies for awhile and she emailed me to let me know she opened her third restaurant! I’m so proud of her with all her accomplishments!

When I walked into the new location I loved the decor, the atmosphere, just everything about it! It’s designed by reality star Marlo Hampton’s interior designer Michael Boyd, so I was very impressed with the ambiance & decor the restaurant had. My photographer Robin Lori and I quickly sat down and got to ordering because it smelled so good inside! Dishema and I caught up and I learned that she is a new mom as well. She opened this location so she could be closer to home and take care of her baby girl. She suggested the seafood platter for me and Robin got the boiled seafood platter. They have other options on the menu too if you are not a fan of seafood.Yes by looking at the pictures, you know it was good, it was seasoned just right, great proportions and the prices are fair but so worth it! Baltimore Crab & Seafood is open for lunch and dinner with a full bar. Stop in to try and tell her I sent yah and thank me later ha! Thanks Dishema for inviting me out and many years of success to you! Pics by Robin Lori xoxo

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